What a crazy year we have just witnessed in Britain. As a nation, we voted to leave the European Union, which lead to our Prime Minister stepping down and a new Prime Minister being installed. Islamic terrorism has killed thirty people, including police officers and an eight year old girl on our streets. A snap election was called and generated the largest youth turnout seen in generations.  
Globally, with the election of Donald Trump and the high profile campaigns of Geert Widers and Marine Le Pen, there seems to be a growing voice of discontent.
Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy has created social unrest, job insecurity and a sense of cultural uncertainty permeating throughout Western Europe.
Who knew I was right or simply referred to as WKIWR, aims to explore these topics with a wide range of guests covering the relevant issues we face as a society. During this exploration, our aim is to increase our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in and to challenge our own views regardless of political slants. 
We are open to having our opinions changed, we hope you are too.