WKIWR Episode 21: IQ Al Rassooli

Today the podcast is joined by Iraqi exile, author and outspoken critic of Isalm IQ Al Rassooli. 
A quote taken from IQ's Amazon page sums up the benefits of getting familiar with his work. 
"One will become so knowledgeable on the Quran, Hadiths, Arab & 'Islamic' histories, to such an extent, that never again would one be fooled, deceived or misled regarding these subjects."
After becoming familiar with his work and subsequently speaking to the man, I can only endorse the above statement. 
IQ has been interviewed over 1300 times by US media but never once by a member from this content (Europe). He explains why and in addition we discuss: Political correctness enabling Islam, Europe submitting to Sharia, Islam being a cult and much more in a very informed episode of Who Knew I Was Right?